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Golf Path Construction

Are your golf cart paths damaged by with tree roots and deteriorated from years of use? Black Rock Paving can make repairs quickly (to minimize the burden on the course schedule) and without damaging the turf.

A concrete overlay called white-topping is sometimes used at golf courses with existing asphalt paths with the asphalt serving as the concrete’s base course. Heavily damaged golf path courses must first be repaired or replaced. Most golf path courses are in good enough shape to repair them with white-topping.
White-topping is divided into types depending on the thickness of the concrete layer and whether the layer is bonded to the asphalt substrate. Unbonded white-topping, also called conventional white-topping, uses concrete thicknesses of eight inches or more that is not bonded to the asphalt. Bonded whitetopping uses thicknesses of two to six inches bonded to the asphalt pavement and is divided into two types, thin and ultra thin. The bond is made by texturing the asphalt. Thin white-topping uses a bonded layer of concrete that is four to six inches thick while an ultra thin layer is two to four inches thick.